Over 100 years ago the community leaders of Idaho Falls had the vision and foresight to invest in the City's future by generating its own hydropower along the Snake River. Today that legacy continues, as the City's leaders announce Circa, Idaho Falls Power's city-wide fiber optic network. Providing cost savings to the City, economic growth to the community, and state-of -the-art connectivity to businesses in Idaho Falls.

A 96 strand count fiber optics network, of which 36 strand are currently being used for City of Idaho Falls telecommunication purposes. The remaining 60 strands are available for lease, as dark fiber to commercial Providers.

  • To battle rising costs of communications to City departments.
  • To support economic growth by offering cutting edge telecommunications to business in the Idaho Falls area.
  • To attract service providers and foster competition amongst them, driving down cost to the end users.
  • To invest in our technology infrastructure and connect our community.
  • Preservation and management of City's right of ways

When: Idaho Falls Power made the decision to upgrade the community's technology infrastructure in 2002. The initial project was completed in 2005. Circa's network was officially launched in March, 2007.

Circa is a Division of Idaho Falls Power, a Department of the City of Idaho Falls.

Over 170 miles of fiber installed since 2004
11 businesses leasing pairs for multiple building connectivity

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